October 28, 2018

Take heed of these easy life hacks to maintain your signature scent all day long…

Scent holds a prestigious power — it is one of the few keys that can unlock and invite you into a memory, with one note transporting you to a specific place, event, person, or period of time. Perfume can, as a result, define you. It can becomes your signature, leaving an unwavering mark for people to remember you by.

Often though, it’s difficult to make your signature scent last without multiple applications. Perfume diminishes as the hours pass and, by day’s end, it seems to dissipate altogether. But no fear — here are a few tricks to give your perfume some staying power:

 1. Moisturize.

Scent clings better to oily skin, so for those with drier skin, opt for a perfume in cream form, or use an unscented lotion on damp skin before spraying it on.

2. Apply to pulse points.

Perfume is activated by body heat. Pulse points located on your wrist are warm because of close the blood pumps near the skin’s surface, therefore making an ideal area to apply perfume. Other warm points on your body include behind the ears, at the bottom of the throat, the inside of the elbow, and behind the knees.

3. Never rub.

Some people feel the need to “rub” perfume into their skin, in an attempt to warm the skin and spread the scent. Unfortunately, this only breaks down the perfume’s structure, ultimately weakening the scent.

4. Store properly.

Heat, light, and humidity can all break down the compounds in a perfume, causing it to become less fragrant. To keep scent strong and unaltered, store your bottle in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, and ideally out of the bathroom, as the heat and humidity from showers and baths could damage it greatly.

5. Experiment.

Look beyond traditional applications — like your pulse points, wrists, and neck — and dare to create a wider sensorial experience.