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Luxury Spa Collection of Beach Tropical Bath Body Products and Candles Seaside Style! Proudly Handmade in the USA by a Single Mom/Woman owned Company! All Natural Gentle Ingredients,Vegan and Never Tested on Animals!

 The Background Story:

If you want products with a story and with meaning I have a story. 

I believe in being grateful, kind and giving,dreaming big,working endlessly hard and never never give up in what you believe in no matter what happens in life.I believe where there is a will there is a way and I truly believe in life there is always a path to the way.I believe in having hope despite any rough wave that you endure.
I have no college background but my work past is unique which shaped me to create Paradise Beach Apothecary.I believe I have been fated to create and design unique, beach therapeutic products that are fun,eye catching and something special.....I have a unique story!

I have nothing but pure passion and devotion for this company.
My natural creativity in my products is a mix of Lilly Pulitzer dazzling beach pop colors design meets the Pacifica Beauty or The Body Shop. Finally shaken and stirred with a splash of Jimmy buffet influence and finished on top with beach quote inspiration garnish seaside style.

This shop and products were created and designed by my combined experience of being a born self taught designer / artist of since the young age of 7 and my pure love of the beaches,seaside and the islands!
I started my island travel agent wedding planning career of 17 years out in the travel department at World Championship Wrestling packaging airline tickets for the now known Staci Keibler and Rick Flair among others. Travelling young and visiting the different islands beach shops was where I first discovered and inspired by Caribbean locals unique handmade tropical bath and body products and candles. It stuck with me for over 17 years.
I realized and noted that in working with travel clients in my 17 years hearing the joy of their happy beach vacation stories were some of their happiest moments in their lives.

I also worked in the medical industry for Neil Armstrong's Doctor ( yes the actual first man on the moon) and the dental industry for almost 10 years.
I saw over the years many patients suffer from anxiety,depression,sadness and some tragically passed away. I discovered within my own self that when I got sad or went thru hard times or when I experienced my own anxiety years later on in life that whenever I wore and smelled island beach scents and looked at beach pictures it made me think of happy beach memories and I started to immediately feel better.I combined what I endured, saw in my careers and beach memories and philosophies all together and started creating a beach therapeutic relaxing spa products line.
As of today I have curated,designed and created a unique luxury collection of spa bath and body products and luxury style candles with more products to come.I have created a line of luxury apothecary spa and candle products that are made with all natural,gentle tropical ingredients,vegan and never tested on animals.

Who are My Main Customers?
These products are very versatile and women, men and children of all ages even my 7 year old loves my products .Anyone who loves buying bath spa products and candles for them or for gifts!
Anyone who loves the beach.

The products smell amazing with tropical beach calming relaxing therapeutic scents!
Calling all Mermaid Souls and Beach Bums!
Some of my favorite products i created are my beach
quote soaps,dreaming of the sea salt scrubs,seaside solid perfume,starfish beach body cream, flamingo face pink clay mask and coconut dream face cream.

Our Luxury Beach Scented Relaxing Therapeutic Spa Products Proudly Handmade in the USA by a work and stay at home mom and a Woman/Mom Owned Company! We are a company brand that will employ and support working moms in the USA when we expand.We are a Grateful company and We Give Back To aid homeless animals,battered women and children and send goodie bags and gifts to retirement home residents with no living family.

What problem do my Products help solve for customers?
Everywhere especially now people are feeling extra stressed,anxiety,depression,fear

Just imagine you are on a beach with your feet in the sand and you smell coconut lotion and see tropical palm trees swaying in the breeze and listening to the soothing waves crash against the seashore with a passion fruit tropical drink in hand.
It makes you smile when you imagine it right and instantly makes you feel a little better?
That is exactly what my products do even if you cant actually go to the beach.Why because in life "Paradise Ain't Cheap".
The products make you feel better when you think and smell beach scents and offers relaxing, calming therapeutic feelings.It is very simple but it helps and it works. It is instant relaxation.
"Beach Please!" "Oh Cabana Boy!"

My products were created to bring customers simple calm,therapeutic relief,happiness and smiles when they wear my tropical beach scented products.
It is widely known statistic that aromatherapy can help aid and relieve stress,reduce anxiety,uplift moods related to depression and even helps promote better sleep. When you are relaxed you simply overall feel better and sleep better.
Who doesn't need a little paradise right now?

What Do we do that is Different than competitors?
I think outside the box. My apothecary and candle products are solely beach tropical seaside style and offer many amazing fragrance scents.
I have Eye catching, fly off the shelf beach seaside style packaging with unique tropical designed toppers.
Every order gets a Free Starfish charm Included!
My unique natural ingredients in my products are amazing and stand out from other body beauty competitors products such as
pomegranete,mango, passion fruit ,cocoa,shea butters,
guava,papaya,mango,pineapple fruit extracts,
passionfruit,coconut,sweet almond,apricot kernel,jojoba,argan oils
coconut milk,essential fragrance aromotherapy oils,vitamin c,
pink clay,pure ocean sea salt
Coconut soy wax and clean burning

My Paradise Beach Apothecary shop and products have been discovered and went to final Shark Tank Casting tryouts in May 2019 ,picked out of thousands of submissions but we did not make it on the show as of yet. My other two Paradise Beach Company shops called Paradise Beach Boutique and Paradise Beach Jewelry were contacted by Shark Tank Casting in 2018 and 2021 making me one of the few, if any contestants that applied to the show that was contacted by Shark Tank Casting on three different shops I created in less than 4 years.
In February 2022 Our products were invited via exclusive list of vendors to be displayed to appear with Celebrities in the MTV Music Awards Red-Carpet Style Celebrity Lounge.
I also had a large discount outlet New York company that wanted to buy thousands of my products off of Range Me in Feb 2020. Zulily Online Retail Giant contacted me to feature my shop as of January 2020 and July 2020.

In 8 years I hand created over 2,500 unique products by myself and designed three different online boutiques and a brand called Paradise Beach Company consisting of handmade fashion, jewelry, candles and apothecary. I have also in 2020 created the new Paradise Beach Books which are inspiring seaside beach themed children's books.
Our Luxury Beach Scented Relaxing Therapeutic Spa Products Proudly Handmade in the USA by a work at home single mom!

All of our candle and bath products are handmade and created in small batches (to ensure the quality,perfection of scents and freshness).Our products come with a free beach style starfish jewelry charm to bring the pure beach experience right from the minute your open your products.We package each item by hand to ensure the best beach spa bath and body  products and island home candle products found anywhere!

Thanks for reading our story & I hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you!


Our Philosophy:
We are dedicated to providing customers excellent customer service and unique,handmade, creative BEACH products!

We offer our customers FREE Beach Charm and Giftbox on Every Order & FREE Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $50!

We are huge animal lovers! We will donate a small portion of every order placed to animals in shelters at the end of each year to help aid wonderful dogs and cats in need and provide them the care they deserve! We also donate needed supplies to Battered Women and Children Shelters and Send Gifts to Retirement Home Residents that have no living family! It is our way to Pay It Forward and Giving Back!


Heather Dzubinski-OWNER/DESIGNER    




About the Owner-My Journey to Paradise    
 I am a true girly girl. I love fashion magazines, going to the beach,travelling,shopping, going to parties, designer clothes, girls night outs,new fashion trends and anything frilly, fun beach-related and pink-colored.

I am obsessed with bright colors that stand out,bold geometric pattern designs ,vintage styles and classic versatile simplicity. My designs are inspired by the unique life and places I have lived so far and the beautiful beach tropical places I have been fortunate and lucky enough to travel to due mostly to my life as a travel agency owner. 

How it All Came About:    
My obsession with boutiques started with shopping with my mom as a little girl. My appreciation visiting the cheerful small mom and pop boutiques was so much fun! I remember I was 7 or 8 and I used to make magnets and sell them to my aunts when they would visit us in my mini pretend boutique shop I made in my basement.I guess you could say then I was destined to do this for a living!
After always having the want and desire to create beach resort fashion and womens accessories for years at the age of 26 I saw a quote and was inspired that said "You can do anything you want in life, the only thing stopping you is yourself from trying". It was one of the best quotes I have ever heard. It made me feel alive again. 
I purchased my first sewing machine self taught myself to sew and starting creating scarves and purses and here I am today present , ten years later, I have created my dream come true beach fashion boutique with over 800 items called Paradise Beach Boutique and 6 years later I  created Paradise Beach Apothecary. .
The road to actually open the boutique was my mom. She generously gave me $300 which was a fortune to me and believed in me in 2012 which I used to buy a business license and some fabric.At the time I quit my safe dull full time job and I only had $500 in my account to my name.
I worked hard ,endlessly hard and created scarf and jewelry products one by one in flash sales online and flipped and invested everything I made until I created the entire fashion and accessories line which took me 3 years later.
Without her belief in my creativity I would not be where I am today with the business. I was blessed . My parents always believed in me and when i was a kid at age 16 ,my dad after working really hard all day at work built me an art room with his own two hands.I think it was that moment that I knew I was going to pursue my dream and show him I could be successful like him.
As of Oct 2013, I have a baby boy that inspires me to work harder even more everyday! Just seeing his smile inspires the ambition to overdrive!

Our Dedication:    
This shop is dedicated to my precious son Zaiden, wonderful mom and dad who always supported me and helped keep me inspired over the years to fight to achieve my dream even when things in life seemed impossible! They all taught me, you cannot fail unless you give up! 
Because of them, I followed my life-long dream and never, never gave up!

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Vegan & Never test on Animals