Luxury Island Coconut Shell Candle-Comes with a free Necklace Charm

Luxury Island  Coconut Shell Candle

The luxury Beach Home Candle Collection is specifically designed to create an elegant beach atmosphere and compliment the ambiance and decor of each room in your home.

Tropical Beach lovers everywhere will love these classic gorgeous coconut shell candles with your choice of many exclusive tropical scents. Made with a polished coconut shell, meaning the fiber has been taken off and each shell has been polished (no roughness).
Includes a free antique silver palm tree charm ready to to go on a necklace(all you need is a chain).Comes wrapped with a ribbon in a clear bag.Aqua gift box shown is not included and can be purchased seperate in Gift Boxes and Packaging section.

SCENT CHOICES: Kiwi Watermelon, Coconut,Fresh Key Lime,Tropical Orange Vanilla,Pink Guava,Passionfruit, Pina Colada, Island Honey Almond,Coconut Lime,Papaya,Mango,Caribbean Escape,Beach Sun Tan

Our candles are made with high end vegan coconut soy wax and high-quality tropical fragrance oils .Our soy candles are low-smoke, clean-burning wicks ensure there's no black soot which is reusable or recyclable.You can put a tealight candle in the half coconut shell after it is finished burning to reuse.

Each candle is hand-mixed and hand-poured. Because of this, slight variations in appearance may occur from candle pictured.Each shell may have different markings or indentions due to natural shell.

Our half coconut shell candles hold approx. 4 ounces of clean-burning soy-based wax, 100% cotton wick.. Each coconut measures and are Each 3.5"-4.5" approximately 5oz .