Sand & Sea Aromatherapy Mint Mermaid Roll On Perfume-Free Starfish Charm

The luxury Sand & Sea Aromatherapy Roll On Perfume Collection is specifically designed to create relaxation and soothing calm mood as you smell the amazing beach scents.It is therapeutic. Tropical beach lovers everywhere will love these classic gorgeous beach designed roll on oil perfumes.Made with only all natural ingredients such as pure coconut oil and fragrance oil.Vegan and never tested on animals.

Available in 100 Amazing High Fragrance Lasting Scents!

Has an mint glass roll on bottle with white lid and a mint mermaid  design. Is 10ml.


Coconut Oil contains high concentrations of vitamin E and is naturally antibacterial and hydrates.

coconut oil, fragrance, alcohol free, vegan friendly, phthalate free, cruelty free, long lasting scent, natural body care, paraben free, natural perfume

Tropical Beach lovers everywhere will love these classic gorgeous beach mermaid designed small roll on perfume tins with your choice of many exclusive tropical scents and comes in a gorgeous luxury glass bright roll on bottle with a handpainted charm.

Comes with a a free tiny starfish Necklace Charm.All you need is a chain to make a necklace.Makes the perfect gift for anyone.


 Directions-How to use your Roll On Oil Perfume:
1. Open the glass bottle and Apply with roller 1 small rub of perfume on the wrist of your hand . Gently massage into the skin. May be used on the wrist * Not intended for use on the face and neck. A small amount goes a long way. Our scents are highly scented. Recommended to Test a small patch first on your wrist.

The Glass Bottle is  (1Oml)
Each roll on therapeutic aromatherapy perfume oil is hand-mixed and hand-poured.

Ingredients: Sulfate Free,Vegan,Gluten Free,Paraben Free,Soy Free,Cruelty Free

Coconut Oil,fragrance oil or essential oil

(fragrance oils used are not tested on animals,vegan)